The Analysis of The Researches on Metal-Semiconductor Structures with and without Interfacial Layer in Turkey


Today, there are fairly large number of theoretical and experimental studies on metal-semiconductor structures or Schottky structures which formed by a tight contact of the metal and semiconductor. Having different physical, chemical and electrical properties many materials have been used to produce metal-semiconductor structures with and without interface layer from past to present. The distinctive properties which are not exist at other diodes, open for improvement and widespread use of electronic technology has led scientists to make studies on the metal-semiconductor structures. Considering the scientific studies on metal-semiconductor structures, the examination of the metal-semiconductor and the metal-semiconductor with interfacial layer structures, the observation of its progress over time and the statistical analysis of academic studies in this area in Turkey have been made in this study. The analysis of the academic studies which are scanned in Web of Science database and made in Turkey were performed with data mining by using automated data collection methods and SQL Server Management Studio program. The statistical analysis results show that the academic studies made for every type of MS structures in Turkey increase for almost every year.


Waste tire; Metal-Semiconductor; Interfacial Layer; Schottky Structures; Academic studies; Statistical analysis.

DOI: 10.17350/HJSE19030000124

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