Review of Chromatography Methods for Purfication of Paraoxonase Enzyme


Human serum paraoxonase1 (hPON1) is a calcium dependant enzyme which has an important physiological role in organism with detoxification, antioxidant and also antiatherogenic properties. PON1 is mostly synthesized from the liver than secreted in serum with located on HDL. In order to better understand the molecular mechanism of paraoxonase 1, researchers have been increasingly interested in the development of various methods for obtaining the enzyme in pure form over the last decades. In this paper, it was reviewed several different purification and characterization methods of multifunctional enzyme paraoxonase 1 (EC


Paraoxonase1; Chromatography Methods; Enzyme Purification and Characterization

DOI: 10.17350/HJSE19030000102

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