Investigation of the Suitability of a Pipe Stock Site in Terms of Geotechnical Characterization and Engineering Design Parameters Considering the Economic Aspects

  • Mustafa Can Canoğlu Sinop University, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Environmental Engineering Department.


Geotechnical investigations are generally site specific and the parameters variate spatially and sometimes temporally due to the meteorological events and earth dynamics. In this study, the suitability of an inert area to utilize for a pipe stock site under a natural gas pipeline project considering the economic yield. Within the context of this study, office works and field works are performed. Geotechnical data are collected with the field works in order to assess sub-surface conditions prevailing under the proposed loads or pipe batch structures. Under field works, drilling operations, in –situ testing are performed. Assessment of the collected sub-surface data and its interpretation are realized within the office works. In other respects, rentability is one of the main parameter controlling the feasibility of the project in engineering. In this study, bearing capacity of the soil profile and the liquefaction potential of the investigated area are enlighten and the suitability of the study area for the project is evaluated comparing with the different alternatives of soil remediation techniques with the consideration of their costs. As a result of this study it is revealed that the soil remediation costs are much more than port storage renting fees.


Bearing capacity; Liquefaction analysis; Geotechnical investigations

DOI: 10.17350/HJSE19030000087

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