N-Dimensional Solutions of Klein-Gordon Particles for Scaled Molecular Potential via Highly-Accurate Approximation


The energy eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of relativistic scalar particles are obtained for an equal vector and scalar symmetrical molecular potential in N-dimensional euclidean space by using Asymptotic Iteration Method. For such a calculation, the potential in the eigenvalue equation is scaled regarding to fact that the potential is the same in non-relativistic limit. Furthermore, an highly-accurate approximation scheme is used to deal with the centrifugal term in the eigenvalue equation. The results obtained are compared with the ones that exist in literature.


Klein-Gordon equation; Asymptotic iteration method; Symmetrical molecular potential; Centrifugal term

DOI: 10.17350/HJSE19030000079

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Author Biography

Hasan Fatih Kisoglu, Mersin University

Department of Basic Sciences