Triazole Substituted Phthalocyanines and Their Electrochemical Properties

  • Rıza Bayrak Sinop University


New cobalt (II), zinc (II), tin (II) and metal free phthaloyanines having peripherally triazole and Schiff’s base groups on were synthesized and their electrochemical properties were studied. In the first step of the synthetic procedure, triazole moiety, in the second step Shiff base moiety and in the third step key compound substituted phthalonitrile have been synthesized successfully in high yield. At the final stage target phthalocyanines have been obtained and characterized by combination of spectral analysis. The electrochemical measurements showed that while Free- and Sn-Pc give irreversible oxidation process, Co- and Zn- phthalocyanines give quasi-reversible electron transfer reaction in dichloromethane solution.


Phthalocyanine; Metallophthalocyanine; Triazole; Schiff base; Electrochemistry.

DOI: 10.17350/HJSE19030000071

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Author Biography

Rıza Bayrak, Sinop University
Vocational School of Health Services, Assist. Prof.