Determination of Phase Transformation and Activation Energy in High Temperature Shape Memory TiVAl Alloy


Ti-V-Al alloys are a good candidate for lightweight high temperature shape memory alloys. Due to their excellent mechanical properties with low density, in industrial applications, there are widely used as high temperature shape memory alloys. However, TiVAl alloys have cold workability. Because of this feature, machinability in different forms is quite easy and cheap. In this work, microstructure and phase transformation of Ti-V-Al alloys produced by arc-melting method were investigated. The phase formations, microstructures, martensite-austenite transformation temperatures were characterized using XRD, SEM and DSC. Activation energies of the alloys were calculated by Kissinger and Osawa methods.


High Temperature; Shape memory alloys; Phase transformations; Martensitic transformation; Activation energy

DOI: 10.17350/HJSE19030000066

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