A Monitoring and Control System Integrated with Smart Phones for The Efficient Use of Underground Water Resources in Agricultural Product Growing


Monitoring and control system is very important for crop development process in agriculture zones. A structure which is carried out based on the type of the product with the knowledge of temperature and humidity values of the agricultural land can contribute to the efficient use of underground water resources. Additionally, it can also contribute to the establishment of the administration of the land besides the economical contributions to the farmer. In this study, the values obtained by heat and humidity sensors which are placed in different locations of agricultural field are transmitted to a database by using a central operation unit. The water requirement based on the product is determined according to that database. Those values are transferred to the smart phones by using a Wi-Fi connection. A real time monitoring system is established on the smart phone. The energy supply of the system is obtained by solar cells. The design offers several advantages such as saving of the water, time and energy with the efficient use of underground water resources. Thus, by using clean energy, the design constitutes an environmental friendly system.


Underground water; Agriculture zone; Smart phone; Sensor networks

DOI: 10.17350/HJSE19030000055

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