Microwave Assisted Green Synthesis of Ag/AgO Nanocatalyst as An Efficient OER Catalyst in Neutral Media


The development of robust, stable and abundant materials that are operating under neutral conditions are of great importance for the electrocatalytic conversion of water to hydrogen using sunlight. Here, a robust and highly stable, silver oxide based electrocatalyst composite system for the efficient Oxygen Evolution Reaction (OER) was presented. The developed Ag/AgO composite catalyst with a small (10-15 nm) and homogenous particle size distribution was fabricated using microwave synthesis. In the neutral media, the Ag/AgO electrocatalyst achieved 1 mA cm−2 current density at 600 mV overpotential, and exhibited a lower Tafel slope of 80 mV dec-1 compared to MnOx-based catalysts in the range of 450–600 mV. These values are comparable to those of the promising catalysts such as Mn, Co, Ni oxide based systems in the neutral media. The results showed that the developed electrocatalyst system based on Ag/AgO composite could be used in multi-layer electrocatalyst system designs.


Silver nanoparticles; Microwave; Catalytic activity; Oxygen evolution reaction.

DOI: 10.17350/HJSE19030000174

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