Determination of Effect of Bottle Arrangement in the Sensible Thermal Energy Storage System Consisting of Water-Filled PET Bottles on Thermal Performance


This study presents a theoretical investigation for determining the effect of bottle ar-rangement on the stored energy amount in the solar heating system. 0.5-liter, 1.5-liter and 5-liter water-filled PET bottles, which are widely used in daily life, have been investi-gated in the terms of thermal energy storage performance. The total energy storage volume is 1,500 liters. The effects of inlet velocity, inlet temperature, bottle volume and bottle arrangement on the stored energy amount have been researched theoretically. At the end of this study, it is determined that using the water-filled PET bottles in the sensible thermal energy storage system is a practical, easy and cheap way to storing solar energy for short period storage. Additionally, since PET bottles have behaved like energy storage capsule, heat exchanger for charging and discharging processes are not required. The working f luid (air) directly circulates over PET bottles in charging and discharging periods. It is observed that decreasing bottle diameter (volume) increased the amount of thermal energy storage. The highest energy storage amount of 8,5 MW is seen in SN=1.25d and SP=2d in-line ar-rangement. Increasing inlet velocity and inlet temperature have increased the stored energy amount.


Sensible thermal energy storage, Solar heating, Capsule, PET bottle.

DOI: 10.17350/HJSE19030000153

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