Low-cost IoT design and implementation of a remote food and water control system for pet owners


The Internet of things (IoT) concept basically aims to connect any device, vehicle or other items to transfer data between these subsystems. IoT applications make peoples’ lives easier and more efficient in many ways. One of the areas where IoT can be useful is that monitoring food and water supply for pets that are left unattended for either a short or a long time. The main purpose of this paper is to state and detail an instance of low-cost IoT by designing a remote food and water control system for pet owners. The whole system consists of three subsystems; the performing unit, server, and mobile application. Each subsystem has been developed with different open-source programming languages and framework.


Waste tire; Internet of things, remote monitoring, open-source development.

DOI: 10.17350/HJSE19030000110

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