The Effects of Olive Pomace Ash on The Color Change of the Composite Material and Its Mechanical Properties

  • Soner Celen Namık Kemal University, Department of Mechanical Engineering, 59830, Tekirdağ, TURKEY
  • Sencer Sureyya Karabeyoglu Kırklareli University, Department of Mechanical Engineering, 39000, Kırklareli, TURKEY
  • Turkan Aktas Namık Kemal University, Department of Biosystem Engineering, 59000, Tekirdağ, TURKEY
  • Aylin Akyildiz Namık Kemal University, Department of Civil Engineering, 59830, Tekirdağ, TURKEY


The purpose of this study is to apply Prina ash, which is the remaining pulp after the pressing of olives, to a plastic material. Prina particles transformed into the ash were mixed in Polypropylene (PP) polymer with a weight ratio of 0%, 1% and 3% and then molded in the injection machine. Tensile-Stress Test, impact test, SEM images and color change measurements were carried out with produced samples. The effects of prina ash ratio on the colour change and mechanical properties were investigated. As a result, it was determined that an increase in prina ash ratio caused an increase in both colour change and mechanical properties of the material.


Polypropylene Polymer; Prina Ash; Impact Test; Color Change; SEM.

DOI: 10.17350/HJSE19030000109

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